What is inbound marketing and how to apply it in your company?

What is Inbound Marketing?

It is an intelligent tool to optimize your company, through sales and advertising, starting from scratch or from what you have and improve it to obtain a better customer acquisition and boost profits for your business.

What marketing offers us, it allows us to increase traffic and turn visitors into satisfied customers.

Sales with marketing strategy helps us increase your productivity to close sales with less effort.

This process is evolutionary, that following steps and strategies you can see favorable results of three to six months, do not expect to get results in a week, if I tell you that it is so I would lie to you. But if we guarantee an evolution in your company in both customers and sales.

What do I get with Inbound Marketing?


benefits when you start using inbound marketing and put them in motion are many, from getting double or triple your profits in just 12 months, you get ?, a branding, branding and recognition of your company with a lower cost, large number of visitors who go to know the services offered by your company which will have them in mind in their future purchases. Increase followers in your social networks due to the content of interest that you offer which will allow them to share said content, promotions.

Can my company apply for Inbound Marketing?

Yes, any company can benefit more or less from marketing, it is a question of applying the best service strategy for your company and clients.


How is Inbound Marketing carried out?

They are very specific techniques to attract new customers and increase sales, it involves five steps:


1. Provide quality content with the needs of our customers (buyer person)
2. Disseminate this content to attract users to our website
3. Monitoring and qualification of users through automation and conversation techniques to influence the purchase decision.
4. Coordinate with the sales department, the transformation of users into well-qualified customers ready to buy.
5. Continuous improvement of the systems and observation of data to keep it optimized and at full capacity.

How much does an Inboud Marketing strategy cost?How much does an Inboud Marketing strategy cost?
It has a variable cost and depends on three important factors:
1. The objectives that you want to achieve2. The current situation of your company3. The involvement and qualification of your internal team
Start Cost:• Study of the current situation• Selection of Objectives• Buyer’s Study and Purchase Cycle• Selection and purchase of tools• Tools configuration• Creation of strategy and planning• Training Directors and internal team
• Monthly cost:
• Marketing Automation Software, creation of Landings pages, etc.• Web Analytics Software• Cost of hours of the Production / Sales department that collaboratesin content writing• External Agency Cost• Spending on Advertising


What is a buyer person and how to attract her to your company?

They are generalized fictitious people of your ideal of clients, they are the ones that help us all in sales, marketing, services and products, to internalize the perfect clients that we are trying to attract and we relate with our clients as real human beings.

Having a deep knowledge of our “buyer person” is fundamental for the creation of content, sales tracking, product development, and anything that relates to the acquisition and retention of customers.

These buyer persona are not difficult to create, it’s just a matter of asking the right questions to the right people, and presenting that information creatively and presenting that information to the people of your company so you can know it perfectly.

Now that there are negative people for your company? … as we know a buyer person means your ideal customer, but an “excluding” person is one who does not need as a customer.


For example, this could include professionals who are too advanced for your product or service, students who are only participating with their content for research / knowledge, or potential customers who are too expensive to acquire (due to a sale price). medium low, or your unlikeliness to buy again from your company).

How to create a buyer person?


“The Buyer Person” can be created through research, surveys and interviews of your target audience. That includes a mix of customers, prospects and those outside of your contact database that could align with your target audience.

Here are some practical methods to gather the information you need to develop people:

Look through your contact database to discover trends about how certain potential customers or customers find and consume your content.

When creating forms to use on your website, use form fields that capture important person information. For example, if all your characters vary according to the size of the company, ask each of them for information about the size of the company in their forms.

Take into account the feedback of your sales team about potential customers who are interacting with the majority. What generalizations can you make about the different types of clients that best serve you?

Interview clients and prospects, either in person or by phone, to discover what they like about your product or service.


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