Influential colors in architecture

The architecture and the color must be carried in harmony to form a visual spectacle, they complement each other since both work together to create an idea in the end.

We must take into account that colors produce sensations and generate a stimulation response in the eye, for example each color has a meaning we take the most neutral black and white. White represents purity, tranquility, emptiness, ample, cleanliness, and blackness, darkness, mourning, death, weight loss, heat.

For example if we want a large and refreshing space we can decorate in white and this also helps us to see the most spacious place. And if we want the opposite decorate in dark colors, black, gray, red.

The influence of colors and architecture play a fundamental role in society, they can change our mood, give light or heat to a space, all this must be studied very well when planning a project, I am influencing the sales of the same since that depends on or not the attractiveness of the architecture.


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