Types of photography


Photography is defined as a means of communication by its visual level as a tool of reception, this, over time has taken different types according to their activities to communicate.

A photograph must communicate to us several types of concepts and therefore they are divided or named in different ways.

The propaganda or advertising photographs are those that show to make a person known.

Art photography is different to show either a landscape, a portrait, that generates different views to the viewer.

Emotional photography, are those that are shown projecting a feeling either love, tenderness, sadness, hatred, either with people, animals or plants.

Journalistic or documentary photography, show the real events of news importance.

Sequential photography as its name indicates are those that narrate a story or story in a continuous manner expressed in images.

Backlit photography, are those images taken in front of the natural or artificial illumation. Where the silhouette is shown without expressing any trait.

Photographs of animals, plants and insects, these three are characterized by capturing the particularities of each using from normal objects to macro objects.

Photography in motion, are characterized by showing a scene in the course and this is captured as a wake.

Photography portrait, this is identified by showing facial features, plays a lot with lighting and is taken in the foreground.


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