What is Inboud Marketing and how to grow your business?


Inbound Marketing, or attraction marketing, is a strategy based on non-intrusion and providing value to the user through social networks, SEO and content marketing.

In other words, Inbound marketing tries to add value with the information that is shared in order to persuade the user and, subsequently, perform the desired action without appearing to look for the conversion.

It is important to note that attraction marketing does not offer immediate results, but it does have the capacity to consolidate customers who are interested in the products or services displayed.

This happens because you get the customer to become loyal to the brand because they feel identified with it.

How to grow a business with Inbound marketing: 6 Fundamental steps
As you can see, Inbound marketing can help boost your brand exponentially.

However, we always recommend going to an expert agency in Inbound marketing to accelerate the process.

However, in the case you want to do it yourself, we will show you 6 steps you must take to know how to grow your business with Inbound marketing:

1. Create your website

The strategy of Inbound marketing will not help if there is no website available.

It must be the epicenter of the strategy because that is where you should look for the conversion with the user. Here you can make a qualified SEO strategy to obtain organic visits through the search engines.

2. Make Guest Blogging

Many referents in the sector say that doing a guest post on another blog can be negative for SEO.

However, if it is done correctly it can not only help improve the web positioning, but your brand will become more visible and therefore improve the online reputation of the business.

But for this technique to work, you must practice in blogs that have more authority than your site and also be the same theme, otherwise it could be detrimental to both the SEO and the reputation of the brand.

– Benefits of having a business blog –

3. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the epicenters of Inbound marketing, since it is precisely where users can be persuaded to perform the desired action.

This is due to the fact that content marketing is when real value is added to the information that is exposed.

In content marketing you can include infographics if you consider it appropriate. In fact, it is proven that they are very effective and easy to understand for users.

– Steps to create content in your inbound marketing strategy –

4. Social networks

Social networks are also very important for the strategy of Inbound marketing, because it is the ideal place to draw attention to thousands of people with everything that is shared.

If you work correctly social networks, can become a flow of interesting visits to the business and, with all probability, are of quality.

However, not all social networks are the same and you have to know how to work all of them. It may even be the case that your business is not appropriate to have a presence in a particular social network.

Therefore, keep this aspect in mind, it will help your business grow exponentially.

– How to create a strategy in social networks –

5. Create alliances and practice digital karma

Creating alliances with your competition is necessary to grow on the Internet as a business.

The union is strength in all cases and the virtual world is no exception. Therefore, do not be afraid of your competition, communicate with them and practice digital karma.

Not only will it help you to be more visible in the network, but you will be able to increase sales by the valuable information that you add in all your publications.

6. Create videos

Videos are one of the most extraordinary ways to attract visitors to your business.

Today with portals such as YouTube or Vimeo, they can help you boost your brand and increase your sales by the flow of visits that your channel can have.

With these simple steps, you already have basic notions to know how to do a business with Inbound marketing.

Obviously there are many aspects to take into account and you would have to go much deeper, but now you know the way to grow your business on the Internet.


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