How to Fuel Your Dog’s Active Life

Sit, stay, roll over… dog lovers know that their best friends want more. Pets need quality time and regular social interaction to be active, healthy, and happy. Aside from providing powerful health benefits, regular exercise also helps improve doggie behavior. So make plans with your pup this weekend with these ideas for some tail wagging fun!

Fuel The Good Life
The best way to show your bestie some love is by serving up healthy, nutritious food that lets dogs live life to the fullest. High-quality food with purposeful ingredients ensures you’re meeting your dog’s specific nutritional needs. Nature’s Recipe® crafts recipes with carefully selected ingredients for natural pet food with added vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Whether it’s nutrients in sweet potato for healthy digestion, or nutrients in salmon to help support brain and muscle development, with Nature’s Recipe® you’re giving your pup the best fuel for a big life.

Game Changers

Regular exercise promotes good physical health, improves mood, and helps to cut down on behavioral issues. Try these activities to keep your dog active and engaged. Get into the healthy habit of exercising together and you’ll both reap the benefits!

Flyball & Agility: Look for dog trainers in your area that can introduce your dog to specialized training through Flyball and Agility Training. In Flyball, dog teams compete to race over hurdles and retrieve a ball released from a launcher. In Agility Training, dogs are guided through obstacle courses that can include hurdles, teeter-totters, tunnels, and balance beams. Both will help hone your dog’s reflexes and coordination, and help burn a lot of energy.

Dog Parks: Scope out a dog park in your neighborhood and introduce your dog to group play. Start on a less crowded day (e.g., Monday mornings) to let your dog get acclimated to other dogs. Stick to areas of the park that work best for your pooch (small dogs in small dog area). Be sure to reward your dog for positive play.

Out and About: Aside from regular walks, take your dog on short car trips and take the scenic route. Getting your dog used to pleasant car trips will make the occasional vet visit easier. Never leave your dog in a parked car and always use a doggie seat belt or crate for safe travel.

Puzzle Time: Dogs love to problem solve, so give your dog a few brain teasers to play with in the form of puzzle toys. Or, play hide and seek and encourage your dog to find treats you’ve hidden throughout the room. If your dog has trouble catching on, make a little trail to lead him to a treat, and then try again.

Keep it Simple: If you lack the time to travel with your pup but still want to keep your dog in good shape, simply play a quick round of tug-of-war or fetch with your dog in-home. Daily play at home can be just as fun and effective towards maintaining your dog’s active lifestyle and overall happiness.

Continually fuel your dog’s wag with Nature’s Recipe® dog food, made with ingredients from nature with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients.



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