Care for beautiful skin

Careful and hydrated skin of any age will always look much prettier than a dehydrated and without any care, with three or four products is enough.

Many times we do not have the time, nor a huge budget to go constantly to the aesthetic center. Simply what is important are the key treatments and the constancy in following them.

We must avoid filling ourselves with products, so specific that, many times, we do not know what they are or how they are used.


Or we use them for the first few days, leaving the packaging halfway on the shelf, which is a waste of money.

In addition to daily care, it is advisable to follow some weekly treatment, such as peels and masks, and other monthly such as peelings in more depth or cleansing of the skin.

In the daily routine is always the same for all types of skins, the only difference depending on the type of skin, is the product to use and how to use it.

pielbonita One of the most important bases for having beautiful skin is cleaning. And in which there is more difference depending on the type of skin.

It is basic to do it morning and night, when lying down and when getting up.

It is essential not to go to sleep with dirty or makeup.

For all types of skin I advise to eliminate the makeup with a micellar water, an oil or a milk make-up remover. With a cotton and then clean the skin.

Cleaning, both at night and in the morning, will allow the skin to be more receptive to subsequent treatments and to keep the pore clean and closed.

Fat-prone skin
They will need products that are rinsed with water, both in the morning and at night. Foams and gels are the favorite products of this skin. To do this you have to moisten the face, emulsify the product in a circular form until a little foam, it is important to insist on the corners of the nose and chin (where it will accumulate more fat).

And rinse with plenty of water, if possible twice.

As plus I advise to use a somewhat astringent tonic, to be able to eliminate the excess of fat.

Normal skin with mixed tendency
Depending on the trend I advise using products similar to those of oily skin.

At night a deep cleaning is essential, and for this, it is advisable a product that is rinsed with water, also a foam or a cleaning gel.

beautiful skin

Although this type of skin, not segregating so much fat naturally, during the morning can be allowed to pass a tonic or micellar water. Everything depends on the taste of each person. Another important factor is the ambient temperature, since if it is hot, logically it will be more necessary this cleaning also in the morning.

Dry skin
In dry skins it is better not to use water, for them it is better to use cleansing milks, oils or micellar water specific for sensitive skins that contain high content of moisturizing agents. Dry skins have a much more closed pore and do not get so much dirty, although in this cleaning will eliminate the dead cells daily getting a clearer skin.

beautiful skin

The cleansing milk should be applied directly by putting a little lotion or milk in the hand and with the fingertips go massaging in a circular form starting with the eyes continuing through the rest of the face.

This step is the second basic, I like to apply before the eye contour cream than on the whole face.

Some creams are useful for both the eye contour and the rest of the face, however, I advise using a specific cream.

Fat-prone skin
These skins do not need creams, on the contrary, the fewer products we put the better, as long as they are really fat.

Of course sometimes they can be dehydrated, for this I advise to use only gels or serum. Oil-free creams are also appropriate. People who have oily skin are often thicker skin and less wrinkles are marked, although their main problem is flaccidity, which is why the most appropriate treatments are those that act to strengthen the skin, for that the silicon and slightly acidic gels, which will activate the production of collagen.

At night do not use any product. If there is a problem like some granite, just use a specific product for it.

I advise using serum with fruit acids such as alpha-hydroxy acids, although not for a long time to avoid keratinization of the outer layer of the skin. Alternate it with serum with actives like DMAE and collagen.

Normal or mixed tendency skin
Normal skin should take care of the eye contour the same as the rest of the skin, to avoid the formation of wrinkles, eye bags or even simple congestion when rising.

That is why you can use any type of cream that is appropriate for the right problem, it is for example if there are bags or congestion, I advise before a cream more fluid in the form of gel, however if it is to avoid the formation of wrinkles Expression is best in cream form.

dry skinDry skins
The dry skins, mark more wrinkles of expression, which we popularly call “crow’s feet”. That is why it is essential to use an eye contour cream both in the morning and at night. The cream has to be more fat or unctuous, the way of application is also important, in a circular and constant form until obtaining a good absorption of the same.





Obviously the world of cosmetics is huge and often a little confusing to acquire one or the other, I think it is positive not to acquire the whole “complete kit” of the same brand unless it is very specific, I prefer to look for the most suitable product each cosmetic line.

Also the value for money is important, since not the most expensive product is the most suitable for all types of skins. That is why the fundamental thing is a good advice in the moment of acquiring them and of course the own experience.

beautiful skin

On the idea of changing brands or products often, it is true in quotes, for example, it is important not to abuse acid creams, which is why it is important to rest seasons, even after using some creams for too long followed, the skin can become reactive to them.

Other people use the same creams all their life and do not have any need to change them, although these creams are usually quite basic and with few assets.





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