What to Bring on a Royal Caribbean Cruise


Camera. Solar protection. Swimwear. Now that you have the basics, let’s look at other items that you should not forget to enjoy your vacation more comfortably and make the cruise more memorable.

The first day…
For the first day of the cruise, carry a small handbag with your travel documents, a change of clothes, a bathing suit, clothes to exercise if you plan to use it and all the medicines that you will need. You will not need to wait until your checked baggage arrives at the cabin.

Clothes on board …
Shorts, t-shirts, pants, casual skirts, blouses and beach dresses are perfect to wear during the day, either outdoors or inside.

To be resting in the pool, wear two swimsuits to have a dry one when the other is wet and a pair of comfortable shoes, such as: flip-flops, sandals or sneakers. In addition, you will need casual shorts and a pair of t-shirts or something to cover you to get in and out of the pool areas.

If you are going to enter the gym on board, be sure to bring extra shorts, t-shirts and socks that you do not mind doing as well as a pair of sneakers.

Clothes for dinner …
The clothing for meals in the main dining room is as follows:
Duration of the cruise Informal Casual Formal

Duration of the cruise Informal     Casual Formal
3 nights 2 0 1
4 nigths 3 0 1
5 nigths 3 1 1
6 nigths 4 0 2
7 nigths 4 1 2
8 nigths 4 2 2
9 nigths 5 2 2
10 nigths 6 2 2
11 nigths 7 2 2
12 nigths 7 3 2*
13 nigths 8 2 3
14 or more nigths 9 2 3

The number of nights with elegant casual and formal clothing is at the discretion of the ship.

Note: * Some 12-night Europe cruises may have three nights with formal clothing.

Suggested guidelines for these nights are:
Casual: polo and pants for men, summer dresses or pants for women
Elegant casual: jacket and tie for men, dress or suit for women Formal: suit and tie or tuxedo for men, formal dress for women

To have fun … There are four very important types of books that you will want to think about taking with you:
Travel guides: helping to explore new destinations
To read by the pool: nothing compares to a good reading sunbathing
Journal: record each stage of your adventure to share and remember it
Address Book: send your friends a postcard to make them feel jealous

Binoculars are another thing that is often forgotten and yet they are an indispensable travel item. Be sure to bring a couple to enjoy the most on board as well as on land.

Leave free space …
Do not forget to leave space in the luggage for all your souvenirs and gifts. Here are some ideas:
Bring matching t-shirts and pants or skirts. In this way, three holdings can be converted into five or six sets.
Wear shoes that take up more space during boarding and disembarking, so you will not have to carry them in the suitcase.
Place small items inside larger ones.
Bring an empty bag for whatever you are going to buy.

On formal nights you will need formal dresses for women, suits and ties, or tuxedos, for men. And for evenings with casual elegant clothes bring dresses or suits for women, jackets for men.

Remember that shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits are not considered suitable for main dining rooms during dinner. Meals with informal clothing take place in the evening at the Windjammer Café. Keep in mind that you will also need casual elegant clothes for some of our specialty restaurants.

We also provide you with the tuxedo (web in English) for formal dinners and special occasions.

Clothes for dry land …
You will need comfortable walking shoes, as well as hats and sunscreen to protect you from the sun.

If you are traveling on a cruise to northern Europe or Alaska, remember that nights can be cold on the deck. Bring sweaters, jackets and long pants. And if you are going to enjoy museums, cathedrals or churches, it is best to wear light clothing and sleeves. You can also include a raincoat, hiking shoes and an umbrella. And do not forget your bathing suit: it can be cold outside, but it is always hot in our solarium.

What you should not wear
For the safety of our guests, the following items are not permitted on board: electric transformers, coffee makers, candles, irons, illegal drugs, flammable liquids and explosives, such as fireworks. For security reasons, we also advise you not to bring valuables, such as jewelry, to checked luggage.


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