Training when you are traveling



When you’re staying in a hotel, ask about sports facilities or local parks or tracks to make sure you know all the options to exercise while you’re out of town. Many hotels have their own fitness centers or have contracts with local sports clubs to offer discounts or free use of their facilities to their guests.

Use the hotel gym. Many hotels offer weight machines, treadmills, static bikes and rugs for stretching or exercising. Ask the hotel staff about the gym location and service hours.
• Do not intend to use weight machines if you have not been trained on their proper use, since a bad technique can hurt you.

Nothing in the hotel pool. Swimming can be an excellent exercise and even in a short period of time using water resistance you can burn calories and work multiple muscle groups.
• Try to stay afloat, swim laps, or do aqua aerobics for 30-60 minutes to do a physical workout in the pool.


Walk through the corridors or floors of the hotel. Going for a walk, jogging or climbing stairs inside the hotel is a great opportunity to exercise in a safe and effective way.
• If the hotel has safe or attractive surroundings, exercise outside. Walk or run along the perimeter of the hotel several times to perform your exercise.
• If the weather is not right or if you prefer to stay inside, walk down the aisles and up the stairs between each floor. Alternatively, climb the stairs up to the times and at the pace you want. This will exercise your legs and help increase your heart rate.

Rent a bike, a pedal boat or a golf club. Many hotels offer activities with fees that can allow you to exercise while exploring the area. You can burn hundreds of calories if you ride a bike, pedal in a lake or walk in a club during a golf course and help your physical training while traveling is less uncomfortable.

Alternate your exercise routine
Traveling can be a great opportunity to experiment with new exercise options or to simplify your routine. If the hotel or the house where you are staying does not have sports facilities, take the opportunity to try something new that does not require special tools. Experimenting with new exercises while traveling can help you work on new muscle groups and better burn your calories by breaking with your routine. Try new exercises also exposes you to enjoy new activities or to know routines that you can perform practically anywhere.

Exercise in the comfort of your room. Many effective exercise routines can be performed without special equipment. You can exercise without leaving your room or the guest area.
• Use your body to create resistance. Do pushups, squats, strength training, jumping, crunches, jogging in one place and other basic movements to work your muscles, stretch them and increase your heart rate.


Try doing yoga, Pilates or Tae Bo. With a little preparation or with a guide on television or a program of exercises on DVD, these types of exercises can be performed in any small private space.
• Place a towel on the floor of the room and use it as a yoga stretching mat, such as sun salutation, dog position, and other positions that will help relieve tension by traveling while working and toning your muscles.

Buy a pilates DVD to watch on your computer while you exercise in the room.
• Improvise a routine of Tae Bo in your room alternating blows and kick in the air with your hands and feet, keeping your muscles contracted and moving deliberately while listening to music or watching a program on television. Trot in the same place or lean back and forth as you strike to burn more calories.


Make your own routine. Be creative and combine a variety of short exercises or physical activities that will take your breath away and exercise your muscles. If necessary, improvise materials to perform your strength or endurance workout routines.
• Alternate climb stairs with squats, use water bottle as weights and exercise your biceps or use a towel or a garment as a substitute for a resistance band. Then do chair lifts, scissor kicks and even jump in bed to boost your heart rate and fill your routine with fun and variety.

Pack equipment for light exercise
If you can plan your workouts before you travel, pack the tools or exercise equipment that fit into your suitcase without adding much weight or making lots of lumps. In many cases, the tools



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