Perhaps it has happened to you, that you have felt not to go according to the occasion on the trips, and the truth is quite uncomfortable, the first word that must arrive at our mind when traveling by plane, train or bus is “comfort”, travel Comfortable ensures you a pleasant moment in case you have any inconvenience, whether delayed flight, delay of luggage among others.
I propose to you very quickly and simply the following options, and it is up to you to enjoy the trip !.

As far as the garments are the most practical are the wide pants or the leggings, jean, as far as T-shirts go well the loose shirts of short sleeve or long sleeve, and it is essential to wear a jacket or fine sweater, an important accessory Are scarves, scarves to take care of a sore throat.

Tip the fewer jewels you carry on the better, remember that before sitting on the plane you must pass through the airport security controls, and you must remove them from each control and this becomes tedious.

Do not forget comfortable underwear and equally comfortable shoes forget the heels be it boots, sneakers, ballerinas, avoid flip flops.


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