Regardless of whether your travel is in summer or winter, there are a few basic imperatives that you can not forget your suitcase, are essential and will get you out of trouble in any situation.


We know that the only thing boring to travel is to pack, this is where the questions come, and if I have a formal dinner ?, and if it rains ?, and if I go to party ?, and we end up entangled without knowing to take.


Another mistake we have discovered is to wear a lot of clothes and the end ends up being a weight because it becomes clothes that you would never wear on the trip, for example “we go on a trip for two weeks and choose different clothes for each day including shoes”, I do not say that this bad, but wearing basic clothes we can combine clothes and so leave space in the suitcase if you want to buy something, it is not necessary to wear a shoe for each day or 14 dresses for the two weeks that you will be traveling, it can be repeated Clothes, and here we are going to teach you these basic ones that will help you to be fashionable, comfortable and important to enjoy the trip.


Cotton flannel

It is comfortable, takes up little space and you can give several uses, or combine it with a jean, short, skirt, add some accessories and with this you do different for each day.



This is the super basic of timeless hassles served for day and night, from casual to formal depending on the right shoes with what combines it.


Black dress

That little black dress that always gets us out of trouble at all is essential for a formal dinner or party even for the day, every fashionista knows that this dress will save you from any emergency!



It is small does not occupy much space and can help you for different plans that are presented according to your trip, it is comfortable to go walking and to know the city or go to the beach.



In case the weather surprises us it is important to always carry one, it also serves us in the airports that are almost always cold, this garment can be combined with dresses, shorts, jean.



Heeled shoes

Essential to give your look a formal style, you can combine it with dresses, jean will get you out of trouble in these situations


Comfortable shoes

This is according to your style, a sneaker  is essential for those days where you want to get to know the city, where you need to walk for a long time.





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